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Infragard San Diego Members Alliance - Welcome

President’s Message: A Decade of Protecting San Diego

Curtis E. Jones, President/CEO

September 11, 2001 marked a turning point in our nation’s history, when devastating attacks brought the war on terror to America’s front door. Today, we memorialize the victims of 9/11 and countless other terrorist acts. We also honor the sacrifices of law enforcement, first responders and our military, who choose every day to go into harm’s way to protect the people and principles we hold so dear. Yet out of the ashes, anger and anguish came an ironclad resolve: there will never be a day when we allow terrorists to win, because that is not who we are as individuals, and as a nation.

InfraGard members realize why we are deeply vested in such meaningful work. We do it for our loved ones, neighbors, colleagues, and our fellow Americans. As a force multiplier for the FBI, it is an honor for InfraGard members to apply their respective talents and expertise towards the safety and security of the San Diego region. Our chapter’s ten years of service represent a remarkable accomplishment, and I thank all of you who have selflessly shared your time, knowledge and resources over the past decade.

I’d also like to acknowledge the numerous partners who have played an invaluable role in supporting the InfraGard effort, including the FBI, San Diego Law Enforcement Coordination Center, Department of Homeland Security, and countless state and local law enforcement agencies.

In the spirit of the InfraGard mission, we will continue to work together and learn from each other. While this unprecedented collaboration has enabled us to mitigate criminal and terrorist acts within our region, the impacts are truly boundless. In this day and age, information-sharing is not limited by geography, and our network continues to grow in size and scope each year. In fact, our chapter is very close to reaching the 1,000 member milestone. That’s 1,000 force multipliers who have taken the “see something, say something” message to heart and are reporting suspicious activity - one of the most important steps in mitigating criminal and terrorist threats.

Lastly, I would like to thank our chapter members, Executive Board, our FBI InfraGard Coordinator, the FBI San Diego Field Office, the San Diego Law Enforcement Coordination Center and our DHS Protective Security Advisor (DHS). They have all contributed invaluable leadership, training and resources that will undoubtedly enable our chapter to thrive and succeed for many more years to come.

Curtis E. Jones, President/CEO

InfraGard San Diego Members Honored

Pictured: FBI Director James Comey, Bruce & Ann Churchill, Sheri Donahue, Dave Pekoske

Bruce Churchill
2014 Awardee: Linda Franklin Award

This award was created in Linda Franklin’s memory, to honor those whose dedication and efforts have significantly contributed to the advancement of InfraGard and the ideals of the program.

Pictured: FBI Director James Comey, Bruce & Ann Churchill, Sheri Donahue, Dave Pekoske

Pictured: FBI Director James Comey, Matt Miller, Sheri Donahue, Dave Pekoske

Matt Miller
2014 Awardee: Ties That Bind Award

This award recognizes those that have spearheaded or substantially contributed to ongoing sharing and collaboration among InfraGard members and partners, engendering the basic principles upon which the program was founded and furthering its success.

Pictured: FBI Director James Comey, Matt Miller, Sheri Donahue, Dave Pekoske


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