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Infragard San Diego Members Alliance - Welcome

A Message from the President

Curtis E. Jones, President/CEO

It is with great honor that I have been entrusted to serve you as the new president of the San Diego Chapter of InfraGard. Our outgoing president Bruce Churchill has done a tremendous job over the past 7 years in developing programs and building much-needed partnerships between the many federal and local law enforcement agencies and the private sector within San Diego and Imperial counties - thus ensuring the protection of our San Diego critical infrastructure. As I assume this responsibility I feel that my role is to serve all of you who have dedicated your life working towards the protection of our way of life.

A life of democracy, liberty and justice must be balanced with the understanding that there are many groups, countries and people that have a desire to disrupt what has been the beacon of light and hope of this world, the American Dream. These truths underscore the need to protect our nation’s critical infrastructure - thus the creation of InfraGard.

As vetted InfraGard members who have the means for information sharing, we are tasked with undertaking this activity on a daily basis. We must now work smarter, not harder to continue to identify and mitigate the ever growing threat against our way of life. As your new President, I will work closely with your Executive Board and our Chapter’s Advisors to SERVE YOU. It is our collective goal as members of this world-class networking organization to share our collective knowledge and apply it to the protection of our critical infrastructure.

To paraphrase SA Parker Scott, “InfraGard is another tool in our tool belt.” This particular tool includes the InfraGard Weekly Newsletter which contains Daily Open Source Infrastructure Reports from DHS covering every sector, as well as information on available training from DHS, Riverside County Sheriff, FBI, LECC, SDPD, San Diego County OES and California OES, among other sources. When you add this training to tabletop exercises and chapter meetings with speakers from the front line on the war on terrorism, we now apply this tool Parker speaks of to help assist in professional development and assurance of physical and cyber security in your business.

But like all tools, if you don’t know how to use them, they become worthless. Education is our key to mitigation! Our country’s history provides evidence of what happens when we do not share actionable information, and when we have received information - our failure to act on this information was at the cost of life and property. I say, “Not on our Watch.” Failure is not an option. We must continue to seek new methodologies and best practices and not rest on our laurels in protecting our critical infrastructure.

I look forward to the protection of our way of life by serving each and every one of you who have made the commitment to serve your fellow citizens.

Curtis E. Jones, President/CEO

InfraGard San Diego Members Honored

Pictured: FBI Director James Comey, Bruce & Ann Churchill, Sheri Donahue, Dave Pekoske

Bruce Churchill
2014 Awardee: Linda Franklin Award

This award was created in Linda Franklin’s memory, to honor those whose dedication and efforts have significantly contributed to the advancement of InfraGard and the ideals of the program.

Pictured: FBI Director James Comey, Bruce & Ann Churchill, Sheri Donahue, Dave Pekoske

Pictured: FBI Director James Comey, Matt Miller, Sheri Donahue, Dave Pekoske

Matt Miller
2014 Awardee: Ties That Bind Award

This award recognizes those that have spearheaded or substantially contributed to ongoing sharing and collaboration among InfraGard members and partners, engendering the basic principles upon which the program was founded and furthering its success.

Pictured: FBI Director James Comey, Matt Miller, Sheri Donahue, Dave Pekoske


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