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Infragard San Diego Members Alliance - Welcome

A Message from the President

Curtis E. Jones, President/CEO

To be successful in accomplishing a mission, one must first understand the mission. As vetted members of the InfraGard San Diego Members Alliance, we have been entrusted with a highly specific directive, as outlined by our mission statement:

“The purpose of the InfraGard San Diego Members Alliance is to mitigate criminal- and terrorist-based threats, risks and losses.”

This is a powerful statement to live up to. Our chapter, along with our counterparts across the nation, represent America’s front line. We are only as strong as our members, and your participation enables us to expand the knowledge and resources necessary to protect our critical infrastructure and our citizens.

In support of this purpose, a central theme of our 2014 chapter activities was “information sharing” across the public and private sectors - one of the most important countermeasures in the war against crime and terrorism. Information sharing also has a vital role in any public safety or disaster scenario, whether natural or man-made. Whether it’s training, resources or methodologies, this seamless interaction between law enforcement, first responders and private sector representatives is exactly what InfraGard represents: communication, collaboration and coordination.

We were fortunate to learn from experts including Admiral Thad Allen (USCG, ret.) and Dr. Paul Biddinger, who shared their firsthand experiences from national incidents such as the Boston Marathon bombing, Deepwater Horizon oil spill and Hurricane Katrina. Although these events greatly challenged our nation, we are utilizing the lessons learned to improve preparedness and response. I’m proud to say that here in San Diego, we have taken an effective multi-disciplinary approach to sharing information, expertise and methodologies to protect America’s infrastructure.

As the world evolves, our chapter will move forward aggressively in 2015 to prevent and mitigate threats within our respective sectors. I applaud you all for your personal contributions, and I thank your employers for allowing you to devote time to this unique FBI-affiliated national program. Your participation is crucial, so I urge you to get actively involved. Take advantage of the numerous training opportunities afforded to you as an InfraGard member. If you have not already taken the TLO or ILO course, check the schedule and sign up as soon as possible. Attend chapter meetings and events regularly, and refer prospective qualified members. Let us know what topics you’d like to hear about this year.

In closing, I’d like to thank our strategic partners and advisors for their invaluable guidance: Pete Owens (DHS regional PSA); Fernando Keller (DHS); Parker Scott (InfraGard Coordinator, FBI); Matt Miller (ILO Program, SD-LECC) and Jason Vanthof (Analyst, SD-LECC). I would also like to thank our board of directors, sponsors, volunteers, and the numerous organizations that have supported our efforts throughout the year. You have labored greatly on our behalf, and your contributions are valued, acknowledged and appreciated.

Remember: see something, say something!

Curtis E. Jones, President/CEO

InfraGard San Diego Members Honored

Pictured: FBI Director James Comey, Bruce & Ann Churchill, Sheri Donahue, Dave Pekoske

Bruce Churchill
2014 Awardee: Linda Franklin Award

This award was created in Linda Franklin’s memory, to honor those whose dedication and efforts have significantly contributed to the advancement of InfraGard and the ideals of the program.

Pictured: FBI Director James Comey, Bruce & Ann Churchill, Sheri Donahue, Dave Pekoske

Pictured: FBI Director James Comey, Matt Miller, Sheri Donahue, Dave Pekoske

Matt Miller
2014 Awardee: Ties That Bind Award

This award recognizes those that have spearheaded or substantially contributed to ongoing sharing and collaboration among InfraGard members and partners, engendering the basic principles upon which the program was founded and furthering its success.

Pictured: FBI Director James Comey, Matt Miller, Sheri Donahue, Dave Pekoske


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